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Community Contributions

Source Code Developed by Community Members
Open Virtualization users can contribute code to the Open Virtualization project. Contributed code may include encryption modules, Open Virtualization software ported to new hardware platforms, and operating system extensions and abstractions. The Open Virtualization team greatly appreciates all software developed and contributed by community members.

Open Virtualization Software and Contributed Code
The official, supported Open Virtualization software is available for download from the Download Software page. Code contributed by community members is available for download from the Open Virtualization Website, but it is not developed or maintained by the Open Virtualization Project.

Contributed Software
Description: Patch and Documentation for Porting SierraTEE & SierraVisor to Versatile Express
Download: OV_VE_patches_Jan2ndSDK.tar.bz2
Requirements:   SDK Version: SDK_Jan02_2013_TEE_Hypervisor.tar.bz2
Toolchain: toolchain_may_26_2012.tar.bz2
Documentation: PortingGuide_Jan2ndSDK.txt
Contributor: Open-Silicon

Contributed MD5 Checksum Software
Description: MD5 Checksum Sample with Task Diagrams
Download: MD5_Checksum_Sample.tar.gz
Requirements:   SDK Version: SDK_june_4_2012
Toolchain: toolchain_may_26_2012, arm-2010q1-202-arm-none-linux-gnueabi-i686-pc-linux-gnu
Contributor: Open-Silicon

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