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Open Virtualization Licensing Options

Flexible Open Source and Commercial Solutions

Different organizations require different products and licensing models. To satisfy these requirements, we offer a number of licensing options for our hypervisor and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) software. These options include an open source GNU GPL-licensed distribution as well as a commercial version available under royalty and royalty-free licenses.

Advantages of Licensing the SierraVisor and SierraTEE Software:
  • The commercial versions provide features not available in the open source software
  • Customers receive licensing rights to use the SierraVisor and SierraTEE software without being constrained by GPL license restrictions
  • Any modifications or improvements to the source code do not have to be released to the open source community
  • Copyright notices and licenses for Sierraware do not have to be distributed with products
  • Optional technical support and professional services offerings accelerate equipment manufacturers' time-to-market
Comparison of Commercial and Open Source Products

Features SierraTEE Open Virtualization
TrustZone Extensions (GP Client & Internal API) Yes Yes
Multitasking Microkernel Yes No
Kernel/User Task Separation Yes No
Task Isolation (Each process has its own isolated memory space) Yes No
POSIX compliant libc Yes Partial
Crypto library Yes OpenSSL
Dynamic Application Loader (Load 3rd party apps at run time) Yes No
TEE background tasks & preemption Yes No
FAT32, NAND, XOR (Storage & File system) Yes No
Secure Boot Yes No
Virtual UART Yes No

Features SierraVisor Open Virtualization
TrustZone Virtualization Yes Yes
Hardware Virtualization (A15, A5x/64bit) Yes No
Hypervisor Tasks Yes No
Ability to run guest like Android in user space Yes No
I/O Virtualization using 'virtio'; Ethernet, UART, Storage Yes No
Hypercall/Zero copy buffers Yes No
VPCU scheduler for both Guest & TEE Microkernel Yes No
Guest Reboot/Suspend Yes No

ARM Fast Models Yes Yes
Xilinx Zynq-7000, Broadcom 74xx, Freescale iMX6, Samsung Exynos4 Yes No

Contact Sierraware to discuss your options for licensing the SierraVisor, SierraTEE, and Open Virtualization software.

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