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Sierraware is a leading provider of virtualization and security solutions for ARM processors. Sierraware products enable OEMs to effectively address rapidly growing market segments such as microservers for cloud computing, smart mobile phones, set-top boxes, and headless residential gateways. Sierraware offers a ready-to-use hypervisor for ARM processors and security and networking applications that support a wide range of ARM architectures and SOCs. Today's media-rich world demands the platforms to be both open and secure to ease the task of integrating media codecs, mobile operating platforms while protecting DRM and other valuable assets.
Open Source Contributions for ARM TrustZone
The Sierraware founders strongly support open source projects. Sierraware created the first open source implementation of ARM TrustZone API. The Open Virtualization software and Open Secure Boot together help OEMs leverage the TrustZone API and add a secure, lightwight kernel to mobile and networking devices. The Open Virtualization project also follows the ARM TrustZone specifications set forth by GlobalPlatform.

Professional Services
The Sierraware professional services team possesses a deep expertise in SOC design, multimedia, DRM, and other technologies to effectively help the OEMs and enterprises in creating state of the art products. Sierraware services engineers are available to assist customers in every phase of development, from product definition to architecture and design, coding, through validation and deployment. Our passion and dedication comes from our deep love for technology and the speed at which this technology evolves.

Virtual Mobile Infrastructure Solutions
In addition to embedded virtualization and TEE solutions, Sierraware offers highly scalable virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) products for enterprises and service providers. With VMI, mobile apps are hosted securely in the data center, so no sensitive data is ever stored on mobile devices. SierraVMI makes it easy to monitor and protect mobile apps. Learn more about SierraVMI Virtual Mobile Infrastructure or follow Sierraware on LinkedIn.

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