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Open Virtualization

Open Virtualization is a secure kernel that leverage's the TrustZone(R) architecture extensions in ARM(R) processors. The Open Virtualization kernel can be run in parallel with a more full-featured operating system, such as Linux, Android, or BSD, on the same core. Open Virtualization uses security extensions to completely protect the secure kernel and peripherals from code running in the primary operating system. This means that even if an attacker manages to obtain full supervisor privileges to the primary operating system, the attacker cannot gain access to the secure kernel.

Open Virtualization Highlights

Open source software that is free to use and modify Supports Android, Linux, and BSD operating systems Small footprint that minimizes memory and system overhead Available on ARM-11, Cortex-A9, and Cortex-A15 processors

Sierraware, an embedded virtualization company, developed and maintains the Open Virtualization Project.